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⭐️ Build Your Own Bundle and Use promo code: READERSCHOICE at Checkout ⭐️
The things I do for you guys...

The things I do for you guys...

Seattle is not what it used to be

I should know. I lived nearby and commuted into the city everyday to the 3rd Avenue Building from the Kitsap Peninsula in another life back when I was in my early twenties. It wasn't easy then, either. I took the ferry from Bainbridge Island and stepped over a few strung out addicts lying in the path of the ferry commuters then.

I'd moved away for a few decades and now I live on Bainbridge Island again. It's a beautiful island. Peaceful, walkable and best of all, nearby my son. But...I can say, I do miss Idaho. Because...Seattle isn't far enough away. 

I'm writing the third book in the Remember the Ruin series and typically when I go on a research trip it might take days...and when I get there I have to actively use my imagination to see the dystopian world of which I'm conjuring. This time, I traveled half and hour away and the dystopian life already exists in reality on the streets of Seattle...only in slightly lesser form. I took several pictures but when driving, I did not stop to take some of the more depressing images. Instead those are seared on my mind. It's like walking into fiction for me. Far too close to reality.

I've posted a documentary that helps explain what has happened here. It boils down to a city council playing with society. An experiment gone wrong in all ways possible. So much that they've created a wasteland. (If you're interested... Documentary)'s depressing.

Lucky for me...the light at the end of the tunnel leads to a ferry over the sea. And back to my island. 

I'm grateful to live in a beautiful area and have the luxury of writing about dystopian worlds, what might come to pass in our futures, but I must admit, this little trip came too close to that world and I'm not far enough away. 

Book 3, in the Remember the Ruin series, Grand Gesture, is in the works and the new images I've seen are raw and ready. If you'd like to get started on the series, click below.




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