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Disaster's in a Jar, Book 1 - John's New Place

Disaster's in a Jar, Book 1 - John's New Place

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Stories of hope when Mother Nature has other ideas

Cozy Disaster Apocalypse Books. Welcome to John's New Place, the first installment in the Disasters in a Jar series by A.R. Shaw.

John Hollie leads a comfortable life as a civil engineer. Then a series of machine-made actions cause tsunamis to flood the lands.

Forced to flee his home, he and others make their way to the mountains, where it is safer to live than on ground level. Life in the mountains is far from easy, yet it gives John and his companions the chance to start anew with courage and resilience.

So join John on his journey as he builds a new life, and discovers a bond with the other survivors that is deeper than any he has ever experienced.

John's New Place will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as you experience the highs and lows of John's journey. With gripping action and a powerful message, it is a must-read for all ages.

So, come join John as he finds his way to his new place.

  1. Follow John Hollie's journey as he navigates through a machine-made disaster.
  2. Then, explore the themes of resilience and hope as Hollie and his companions seek refuge in the mountains.
  3. So, read the first installment of the Disasters in a Jar series.

A.R. Shaw is a best-selling author. But her Disasters in a Jar series brings readers on an adventure with John Hollie, a civil engineer who faces a disaster that causes tsunamis around the world and floods the lands.

In John's New Place, readers join Hollie on his journey of survival as he and others seek refuge in the mountains.

With her engaging writing and vivid imagery, A.R. Shaw immerses readers in the world of John Hollie. Readers of all ages will be captivated by this exciting story and find themselves unable to put it down.



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    Main Tropes

    • Survival After the Fall
    • Forming New Family Bonds
    • Thriving After the End
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