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Disaster's in a Jar, Book 4 - Dill's Chalet

Disaster's in a Jar, Book 4 - Dill's Chalet

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Dill is a loyal service dog, who rarely leaves his companion’s side.

His companion is a grouchy, kvetching, red-headed chain-smoker in her 60s who doesn’t take care of herself as well as she should.

They drive up to Banff from Seattle to Sharon’s mountain chalet so she can read her books in peace.

After preparing for a big winter storm, Dill and Sharon settle down by the fire to relax. But when an avalanche buries them both and Sharon’s unresponsive, Dill has to transform from service dog to rescue dog.

What are Cozy Apocalypse Books?

  • No gratuitous violence or sex scenes
  • No foul language
  • No weaponry lists or zombie gore

Main Tropes

  • Survival After the Fall
  • Forming New Family Bonds
  • Thriving After the End
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