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⭐️ Build Your Own Bundle and Use promo code: READERSCHOICE at Checkout ⭐️

Graham's Resolution 4 Book Box Set

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 Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction

Best  Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Eerily plausible,” they said. “Too close to reality...”

Originally published six years before the real 2019 coronavirus outbreak, The China Pandemic is USA Today best-selling author A.R. Shaw’s post-apocalyptic thriller novel, which plunges readers into an too realistic event that occurs after a weaponized super-virus is set free from a lab in China and wipes out most of the world’s population.

Best Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction

But, to limit exposure to infected victims of the virus, a kind and empathetic Seattle math professor with limited survival skills escapes deep into the forests of northern Washington State. Then, in his last words to an infected and fading man, Graham promises his dad that he will forego his thoughts of giving up and try to survive, despite the despair around him.

Then, from Graham’s rustic family cabin in the woods, he starts drawing strong and determined survivors to him – an orphaned 4-year-old Korean American boy, a strong Native American woman named Tala, an old African American retired police officer with a gift for understanding people… and a group of gritty survivalists without immunity to the killer virus.

So, The China Pandemic is the epic first volume of the imaginative and immersive ‘Graham’s Resolution’ apocalypse survival series, which features a terrifying virus pandemic, compelling and diverse and complex characters, and a powerful battle of good vs evil in a dystopian world of desperation and corruption.

"This is a story of hope when humanity is at its worst. Post-apocalyptic fiction at its best!" – Amazon Review
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Now, first four books in one box set.

  1. The China Pandemic
  2. The Cascade Preppers
  3. The Last Infidels
  4. The Malefic Nation

Does not contain:

5. The Bitter Earth

6. Nor, The Wild West

7. Nor, The Long Goodbye

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Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction


Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction

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