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Remember the Ruin Box Set

Remember the Ruin Box Set

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"I'm a firm believer in justice. But as the world around me falls into chaos, justice becomes harder to come by. That's when I make a decision. I'm taking matters into my own hands.

It starts small. A thug who doesn't understand the word no. I take him down swiftly and silently. It feels good to see fear in his eyes as he realizes he's no longer the one in control.

But it's not enough. I want to make a real difference, to avenge all those who have wronged me in the past. And so, I became a killer..."

Sample: Rebel Blaze


The grand-sized television sat on the mahogany console table supported by the most absurdly small pint-sized black plastic feet imaginable. The viewer paid no mind to the disparity. His name was Ed and he was exhausted after fitting parts on the line, standing on the unsympathetic flat surface of a concrete floor, all day long. His back ached with the compression of every step. His sweaty feet had filled his steel-toed boots to capacity and all he wanted to do when he returned to his little house was spend a few numb hours relaxing in the La-Z-Boy in front of the flat screen. Having a beer and a Hungry Man around 6:30 was Ed’s daily ritual. It worked for him. He liked his life simple that way. It was uncomplicated, un-messy and like most Midwesterners, he watched the evening news while the inflammation subsided in both ends of his existence. 

“Look,” said Congressman Gowdy with a strong South Carolina accent, landing his index finger hard against the interviewer’s desk. The studio lights beamed down against his forehead, reflecting an increasing sheen of sweat, despite the concealer applied to his face. “We’ve had enough of this. First you claim all water landing on the planet is somehow government property and you go around arresting old men on hundred-acre farms for collecting a few barrels of rainwater to feed their damn cattle. Then you start limiting water itself to communities claiming a crisis du jour, and now you’re passing legislation making it illegal to install solar panels on your own roof that you’ve paid for. It makes no sense…the government can’t also claim to own all energy from the sun. Basically, you’re making it illegal to exist in nature if you’re a human being, yet you protect a newt’s right to live in its natural environment. And don’t get me started on food shortages.

“Don’t you see? Think about that. It’s illegal to exist…forget about fines for being born…it’s illegal to exist if you don’t buy into government control. Hell, you’ve even fined and jailed the Amish, a national treasure for God’s sake, for not complying with your made-up rules. Now you’re after oil. Keep pushing the American people. Go ahead. Keep it up. Last man standing gets to make the new rules. There was a revolution for that. A lot of people died. That’s what we’re headed for. Keep laughing…watch and see.”

“Your hyperbole will get you nowhere, Congressman Gowdy. You know as well as I do, there’s a national energy crisis at hand. Exaggerating will not help, but hurt the people of this country. Our polls state that Americans are on board with the newly proposed energy bill saving our very limited and precious resources for future generations. It’s time to stop stealing from our children. You’re just upset that you’ll no longer enjoy your paybacks from your capitalist friends.” 

“I’m not even going to respond to that snipe. And last time I checked, you, were on the board of Hutchins Polls. That’s the one you talking about, right?”

“Are you suggesting…”

Gowdy leaned directly into the personal space of CSN political commentator Cameron Hughes. “I am suggesting…you market and manufacture any result you wish.”

“BREAKING NEWS!” the television screen flashed in bright red hues.

Ed suddenly aborted the fork he was using and dropped the handle against the edge of the paper tray, where moments before he’d rocked the plastic tines in vain over the short end of a red enchilada, and grabbed the TV remote instead, turning up the volume to hear the breaking news unfold.

 Get the Entire 3 Book Series in One Box Set. This Set Includes:

  • Rebel Blaze, Book 1
  • Wayward State, Book 2
  • Grand Gesture, Book 3

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