The Tender Harvest

The Tender Harvest

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“In the silent depths of Diablo Lake, where shadows dance upon the water's edge, secrets linger like whispers in the night. Five years have passed since the world was torn asunder, yet the scars of our past haunt us still, etched into the very fabric of our souls.

I watch from the shadows as life unfolds around me, a silent guardian amidst the chaos. Clarisse tends to the wounded with a quiet determination, her eyes betraying the weight of our shared burden. Bang and Addy, their love a beacon of hope in the darkness, prepare for the arrival of their first child, unaware of the storm that looms on the horizon. And Tehya, consumed by a rage she cannot tame, teeters on the brink of oblivion.

But it's the arrival of Meg that sets my senses ablaze, her presence a harbinger of danger in our fragile sanctuary. With eyes that hold secrets untold and a past shrouded in mystery, she brings with her a darkness that threatens to engulf us all.

As the days pass, the specter of the terrorists looms ever larger, their presence a malevolent force that refuses to be ignored. And when Meg's true intentions are revealed, we're thrust into a deadly game of deception and betrayal, where trust is a luxury we cannot afford.

Yet amidst the shadows, there is still light. Light in the bonds that bind us together, in the flicker of hope that refuses to be extinguished. As explosions echo in the distance and lives hang in the balance, I know that we must stand united against the encroaching darkness.

In "The Tender Harvest," the next chapter of our journey unfolds, and I stand ready to confront whatever lies ahead. For in this world of uncertainty and shadows, one thing remains certain: the strength of the human spirit, and the resilience of the heart, will see us through.” - Graham Morgan

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