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⭐️ Build Your Own Bundle and Use promo code: READERSCHOICE at Checkout ⭐️

Disaster's in a Jar, Book 1 - John's New Place

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A New Series is Coming Soon! Disasters in a Jar

Depicting the best disaster fiction books and mayhem we humans find ourselves in and how we survive at all costs.

John Hollie, a civil engineer, just purchased a new house in a prestigious tight-knit community. Days later, he loses everything after a mysterious tsunami event triggers floods around the world.

People seek refuge in the mountains because consistent flooding brings the world's oceans on land. Hollie, and other refugees, find themselves in the mountains where it's safer to live than on ground levels. - Best Disaster Fiction Books - 

Hollie hooks up with Jayce, an ex-government worker he befriends. The two go on an adventure when Carlos, a fellow disaster survivor, takes up with rebels and gets imprisoned in Washington, DC.

But when the three men learn the weather event was no accident, they seek Paul Weathers, a climatologist that once worked for the government. 

After talking to Weathers, they're convinced the Wash Out was a government-induced catastrophe using laser technology to peel back the surface of the ozone, causing the climate to heat up and trigger seismic activity underneath the ocean. 

They decide to break into Pentagon’s most classified areas to access the machine used to destroy the ozone. But can they reverse the flooding on Earth and return the temperatures to their normal state before it's too later? Or will the government seize them first to maintain control?

  • "Brilliant cozy apocalypse fiction books!" - Sam Henry
  • "Best disaster fiction books. Shaw is a talented writer." - Amy Tiegurn